To start the diagnosis of epididymitis a physical exam will be performed by your urologist to determine the tender side of the scrotum where the epididymitis is attached. You and your physician will also discuss your medical history.

Additional tests that your physician may order include:

  • STD Screening (discharge culture): This test is done to determine the presence of bacteria or other infectious abnormalities.
  • Ultrasound Imaging: Your doctor may order a non-invasive ultrasound if other tests have not been definitive or to rule out other conditions.
  • Nuclear Scan: After injecting trace amounts of radioactive material into your bloodstream, a special camera is used to detect areas in your testicles that receive more or less blood flow.
  • Urine Test (urinalysis): Your doctor may need a small sample of urine to check for evidence of infection or bacteria.

Once a diagnosis has been made, your doctor works closely with you to create a treatment plan based on your specific medical needs, medical history, lifestyle and treatment preferences.