The phrase “male menopause” is the topic of current controversy. While it is undisputed that men experience hormonal changes as they age, experts debate whether men experience a well-defined menopause period like women do. Therefore, the terms andropause for the aging male, testosterone deficiency or Low T may be more accurate.

For men, testosterone (a male sex hormone) often begins diminishing at the rate of one percent per year after the age of 30. By age 70, many men have experienced a 50 percent reduction in their testosterone levels.

While this shift is normal, it is important to undergo a thorough medical evaluation to ensure that the decrease is not the result of another medical condition.

Symptoms of Decreased Testosterone Levels

  • Changes in sexual function and desire
  • Smaller testicles
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Physical changes, including increased body fat and decreased muscle, decreased bone density, swollen or tender breasts and hot flashes
  • Emotional changes, including decreased motivation, lowered self-confidence, depression
  • Difficulty remembering and concentrating

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