Penis Size More Normal Than Men Think

March 13, 2015 (Denver, CO): A study published in the British Journal of Urology provides urologists with data to help answer a common question from patients: “Is my penis size normal?”

Urologist regularly field this often hard-to-ask question and answer based on clinical experience. “Patients aren’t quite satisfied with the answer that they are normal and feel like their doctor is just trying to make them feel better,” explains Dr. Ali Sarram of Advanced Urology in Denver. “In most cases, men are more “normal” than they think and now we have data to back us up.”

RulerWhat is “Normal?”

The new study analyzed 20 studies and more than 15,000 men to find the following measurements as normal:

  • Average flaccid penis length – 3.61”
  • Average flaccid penis circumference – 3.67”
  • Average erect penis length – 5.17”
  • Average erect penis circumference – 4.59”

Dr. Sarram says it is important to note that these are averages, so normal is a range above and below these values. “I hope this helps assure men who feel inadequate about their penis size.” Men’s perception of penis size is different from actuality and women’s satisfaction. A 2006 University of California study1 found that 85% of women were satisfied with their partner’s penis size while only 55% of men were content with their own penis size.

What about Penile Augmentation?

“To men who are concerned about their penis length or circumference, stop worrying,” stresses Dr. Sarram. “You measure up!” Additional data2 show that only a little more than 2% of men are actually candidates for penile augmentation. And, to men who many be considering penile enlargement, “don’t!” says Dr. Sarram. It isn’t necessary and in many cases augmentation can lead to dysfunction either with the urinary tract or sexually.

How Does this Study Measure Up?

As with all studies, there are limitations. The current penile size study in the British Journal of Urology can’t speak to the motivation of the 15,000+ men from the 20+ studies they analyzed. It is possible that men with above average penis length are more apt to participate in a study in order to show off their assets. Plus, the study does include men as young as age 17. With younger participants, it’s possible they aren’t fully developed yet. Both of these factors could skew results higher and lower, respectively.



2 “Penile Length in the Flaccid and Erect States,” (1996) University of California, Journal of Urology