Prostate Primer for Women

We are proud to share that Advanced Urology’s Nancy Huff, MD, was interviewed for an article about prostate health. In the annual Boomer Edition of Colorado Health & Wellness, Dr. Huff explains how the male gland works in order to help with identifying any health issues at their earliest stages. Understanding the prostate and related health issues can help women keep the men in their lives healthy.

Dr. Huff explains what the most common prostate-health related issues are (prostatitis, enlarged prostate, and prostate cancer) and says:

To stay atop of prostate health, men should have regular prostate screenings and be expedient about consulting with their general physician or urologist when problems occur. “If experiencing symptoms, your doctor will likely perform a PSA (prostate-specific antigen), DRE (digital rectal exam) and a urine specimen to examine white blood cells, infections and to rule out other problems,” Huff says. “Sleeping and urination issues can also be symptoms of other medical conditions such as diabetes and sleep apnea.”

Additionally, Dr. Huff:

…encourage(s) early PSA testing, starting early to mid-40s and certainly at least by 40 years old for black men and those who are symptomatic or with a family history (a father, brother, or son diagnosed with prostate cancer). If all is normal, follow-ups may be every couple of years.

Read the entire prostate primer article.