Stage 1: The Trial Assessment Period

InterStim is unique in that you undergo a test stimulation prior to placing a permanent implant. A temporary stimulator will be worn around your waist (inside or outside of you clothing) to test the effectiveness of the therapy and see if your bladder control symptoms will be reduced.

Stage 2: Long-Term Implant Stimulator

After approximately a week of utilizing the test stimulator you and your doctor will determine if the trial period was a success. If so, a long-term neurostimulator—about the size of a silver dollar—will be placed under your skin in the upper buttock during a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure.

See How it Works

Stage 3: Patient Follow-Up

Following the implant, you will visit with your physician in follow-up examinations that usually occur every six to 12 months. Physicians can adjust the stimulation for optimal effectiveness for each patient. You will be given a programmer, similar to a remote control, that also allows you to adjust the intensity of the stimulation and gives you some control in managing your therapy.

What Patients are Saying about InterStim:

  • Patients say they noticed results immediately.
  • “The beauty of InterStim is the trial period and moving forward with the confidence that this would really work.
  • “Searching for restrooms and covering up accidents is a thing of my past!”
  • Some patients report that after InterStim, they were able to get back to their active lifestyle.
  • “The bathroom is no longer a major part of my life.
Additional Information

To learn more about InterStim, feel free to contact Advanced Urology, as we are happy to discuss this treatment option with you. You also may discuss overactive bladder with your primary care provider or visit for more information.