At Advanced Urology, we believe that you are a key member of your health care team. As such, we work closely with you to determine treatment that is most appropriate for your medical history, lifestyle and treatment preferences. Your urinary tract infection treatment will depend on the type of infection you have.

Simple Infection

If you are in good health, antibiotics likely will be prescribed. Which medication is recommended and for how long depends on the type of bacteria found in your urine and your current health.

Recurrent Infection

Your doctor may recommend preventative antibiotic treatment. If your infection is related to sexual activity, your doctor may recommend taking an  antibiotic after sexual intercourse. Also, imaging studies such as an Ultrasound or CT scan may be ordered to check for urinary tract abnormalities.

Women who are postmenopausal may be prescribed vaginal estrogen therapy to minimize the chance of recurrent urinary tract infections.

Severe Infection

Hospitalization and treatment with intravenous antibiotics may be necessary for severe urinary tract infections.