Many men are asking, “Why should I get a vasectomy if my wife can have Essure® for our sterilization?” A comparison of the two procedures can help make the decision.

First, vasectomy has been performed on over 600,000 men in the U.S. annually. The procedure takes about 15 minutes and has a rapid recovery.

Essure is a newer procedure that gained FDA approval in 2002, while the no-scalpel vasectomy has been performed in the US since 1985.

The initial recovery for either procedure is easy and non-threatening. However, a post-procedure test must be done on both procedures to confirm sterilization.

For the vasectomy, a simple semen sample is taken to the office and inspected for any sperm free of charge.

For Essure, a woman must have an invasive radiological procedure, done in the hospital. This procedure involves placing a catheter into the uterus and injecting contrast dye. X-rays are then taken to confirm the closure of the fallopian tubes. This post-surgery radiological procedure is not covered under the fee for the Essure procedure and ranges from $250 to $500. In many cases, it needs to be covered by the patient’s deductible.

As urologists, we at Advanced Urology, feel that vasectomy is an easy, well-tested, timely, safe procedure.